Centre on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding


The CCDP is the Graduate Institute's focal point for research in the areas of conflict analysis, peacebuilding, and the complex relationships between security and development. Its research focuses on the factors and actors that are implicated in the production and reproduction of violence within and between societies and states, as well as on policies and practices to reduce violence and insecurity and enhance development and peacebuilding initiatives at the international, state and local levels.

Current research themes at the CCDP include:

  • The “insecurity trap” of fragile and conflict-affected states;
  • Urban security actors and the dynamics of local government;
  • Cooperation and contestation within and among armed groups;
  • The modalities of natural resource governance; and
  • The organisation and accountability of development and security institutions.

These topics are interconnected, and specific work streams are consciously framed to maximise disciplinary and methodological collaboration.

The CCDP is a founding partner of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, and is a member of the SDG Hub at the Maison de la paix.


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