Message from the Director

Welcome to the Graduate School!

We are delighted by your interest in our areas of specialisation, international relations and development studies, and are certain that the need for education and expertise in these fields will continue to grow in our globalised world.

We are well-placed to meet this challenge thanks to several comparative advantages:

  • Our cosmopolitanism, which allows students from over a hundred countries to experience global diversity and build lifelong connections
  • A small community, which facilitates close and productive interaction between teachers and students
  • A remarkable wealth of expertise, which includes both accomplished specialists and junior researchers (PhD candidates make up nearly half of the student body) and is reinforced by our commitment to interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Our strong ties to International Geneva, with its range of actors (diplomatic missions as well as international and non-governmental organisations) and focus areas which are crucial to the future of our world (humanitarian action and human rights, trade, peace-building, the environment, migration, health, and more), providing numerous opportunities for cooperation
  • An international network of academic partners, notably in the principal emerging countries, which offers our students valuable opportunities for study and research exchanges
  • A commitment to excellence, upon which our reputation is based and which guarantees the value of our diplomas

Since its origins at the time of the League of Nations, our Institute has earned a worldwide reputation for preparing students for international careers. We are committed to strengthening this reputation by building upon tradition and encouraging innovation, but above all by ensuring the professional success of our graduates, whether they choose to pursue careers in the public sector, the private sector or the non-profit sector. Whichever path they follow, they will benefit from an education that combines intellectual rigour with a practical focus, to allow them to make a beneficial impact on our world.

Sam Billi