The Disclaimer is available in French and in English. In any case the French version shall prevail.

A. General provisions

1. Visitor’s agreement as a consequence of accessing the websites.
You have accessed the websites (hereinafter referred to as the « Websites ») of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (the « Institute »).
By accessing the Websites you confirm that you have read and understood the information as below stated (the « Disclaimer ») and that you agree with said information, especially with (i) the exclusive application of Swiss substantive law as well as the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at the place of the Institute’s seat (ii) the liability exclusions mentioned amongst others in the Disclaimer as well as with (iii) the rules pertaining to the use of « Google Analytics » application by the Websites (see chapter C. below).

The Disclaimer shall be governed by Swiss substantive law. To the extent permitted by law, the competent courts at the place of the Institute’s seat, currently Geneva (Switzerland), shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from the Disclaimer and/or the Websites’ use, subject to (i) appeal to the Swiss Supreme Court (Tribunal fédéral suisse) and (ii) the Institute’s right to prosecute a Websites’ user in any other competent jurisdiction.

2. Information sharing policy.
Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer the Institute encourages use of the Websites contents (subject to the limits of applicable law and Disclaimer) as a way to share and disseminate information about its educational mission, research and knowledge transmission in general.

3. Intellectual property rights.
Any information of whatsoever nature (text, picture, photo, video, etc.), which is available on the Websites (the « Information ») is protected by intellectual property rights, especially by copyright. Any use of whatsoever nature (downloading, printing, copying, etc.) pertaining to the Information has to be dedicated to strictly private, personal, non collective and non commercial purpose (the « Private Purpose ») of the Websites’ visitors as well as of any third party who could access the Information, especially any third party who receives Information by whatsoever means from a Websites’ visitor. The Websites’ visitor who provides third parties with Information shall inform said third parties about the Disclaimer’s content, especially about the Private Purpose obligation.

Unless the Institute’s direction previously gives express and written consent, any use of whatsoever nature (downloading, printing, copying, integration into online services, etc.) to other purposes than the Private Purpose is strictly forbidden. Said prohibition applies to, amongst others, the Institute’s logo and name, as well as any logo and name in relation with the Institute mentioned in the Websites.

If and in so far as guest websites are hosted by the Institute, such a guest website is governed by its own regulation as regards intellectual property rights, especially copyright.

Even if dedicated for Private Purpose, the Information’s use of whatsoever nature cannot be construed as or lead to an assignment (or any other legal action which could be considered as equivalent) of any right, especially of intellectual property rights, pertaining to the Information.

In any case quoting of references shall comply with applying requirements. Plagiarism constitutes a prohibited behavior under law and applying regulations.

4. Links to other websites. Websites could mention links to other websites that are external to the Websites of the Institute (the « Other Websites »). In such a case the Institute cannot be held liable or responsible in any form whatsoever and/or for any reason whatsoever especially for the content and/or the operation of the Other Websites.

In any case the Other Websites are governed by their own regulations, especially as regards intellectual property rights.

5. Hyperlinks to the Websites. The setting-up of hyperlinks to the Websites is subject to the previous express and written consent of the Institute’s direction.

6. General exclusion of any liability or responsibility. The Institute cannot be held liable or responsible in any form whatsoever and/or for any reason whatsoever for any eventual damage of whatsoever nature, especially in relation with the access (or lack of access) to the Websites, the use (or non-use), in any form whatsoever, of the Information mentioned in the Websites.

The Institute makes no warranties or guarantees, in any form whatsoever and/or for any reason whatsoever, especially as regards the quality of the Information delivered, the update of said Information as well as its original, unaltered, complete and/or exact nature.

B. Websites pages requiring a password

7. Some Websites pages require a password (login). In addition to the Disclaimer the use of said pages is subject, as the case may be, to their own regulations.

C. Google Analytics

8. Google Analytics as Websites analysis tool. Google Analytics is a website analysis service by Google Inc., USA (« Google »). Google uses amongst others cookies, text files which are saved to your computer and allow the using analysis of the Websites by the visitors.

9. Analyzed Information. The originating information by cookies about your usage of the Websites (including your IP-address) (the « Analyzed Information ») will be transferred to Google servers outside Switzerland, in particular in the USA and saved there. Google will use this information in order to evaluate the usage of the Websites, to compile reports about Websites activities for the Institute and to supply with further service regarding website and internet utilization.

10. Communication to third parties. Google will eventually forward the Analyzed Information to third parties (including – but not limited to – the Institute) when this is statutory or third parties process the Analyzed Information on behalf of Google. At the best Institute’s knowledge Google will not link your IP address with other data from Google. The Institute undertakes not to disclose to third parties the Analyzed Information in whole or in part.

11. Cookies. You can avoid the installation of cookies by an accordant setting of your browser software; however, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you eventually will not be able to use diverse functions of the Websites.

12. Visitor’s agreement as a consequence of accessing the Websites. By accessing the « Websites » you expressly confirm that you agree with the general terms and conditions of Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/intl/uk-en/policies/privacy/; the « General Conditions »), especially with the processing of the nominative Analyzed Information by Google pursuant to the terms of the General Conditions and the Disclaimer, including – but not limited to – the liability and responsibility exclusion pertaining to Google Analytics.

13. Exclusion of any liability or responsibility as regards Google Analytics. The Institute cannot be held liable or responsible in any form whatsoever and/or for any reason whatsoever for any eventual damage of whatsoever nature as regards the use of Google Analytics and/or the processing of the Analyzed Information by Google.