Research Centres

The task of the Institute’s research centres is to contribute to the analysis of current global issues drawing on the intellectual resources of International Geneva, and to disseminate the results of the research in a format useful to international actors through publications, roundtables and executive education courses.


Centre on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding

The CCDP is the Graduate Institute’s focal point for research in the areas of conflict analysis, peacebuilding, and the complex relationships between security and development. 

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Centre for Finance and Development

The CFD is the Graduate Institute's centre of excellence for research on finance and development.


Centre for International Environmental Studies

The Centre is dedicated to the better understanding of the social, economic and political facets of global problems related to the environment.


Global Migration Centre

The Centre conducts advanced research, policy-relevant expertise and training on the multifaceted causes and consequences of global migration.


Centre for Trade and Economic Integration

The Centre brings together the research activities of eminent professors of economics, law and political science in the area of trade, economic integration and globalization.


Gender Centre

The Centre is dedicated to research and dissemination of knowledge on gender in development and international relations.


Global Health Centre

The Centre is the Institute's research, training and capacity building programme focusing on global health governance and global health diplomacy.


Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy

The Centre explores the plurality of experiences with democracies in a global and comparative perspective. It engages in academic research and public debate on how to ensure that democracies govern more effectively.


Global Governance Centre

The Centre provides a forum for scholars of governance and international organisations to interact with practitioners from the policy world in order to analyse global governance arrangements across a variety of issues.