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Student activities

Several times per year, company visits, seminars and workshops are organized to provide students with more insight in the world of business. Seminars with guest speakers take place on-campus or on location and cope with a diversity of contemporary business topics.

Other activities include dinners and drinks, get-togethers, visits to local museums, galleries and theatres, city trips and excursions, participation in conferences and fairs, sports activities (soccer, volleyball and basketball practice), ping-pong tournament, international culinary evenings, etc.

Activities are open to all students and alumni of all campuses, and are announced through the student portal and alumni website.

Recurring Activities:

  • October: Opening of the academic year / welcome drink
  • December: Christmas dinner
  • January: New Year's drink
  • Global Study Trip
  • June: Graduation Ceremony

Finding accommmodation

Accommodation is generally provided in cooperation with several student housing service agencies in the city. Several rooms are reserved only for our students. Upon acceptance, an overview of service agencies and housing options is provided. More information about accommodation and housing is available upon request.

Academic guidance and student counseling

One of our greatest assets is our ability to work with students individually. We help them plan their academic and professional future and want them to make the most out of their experience while studying at our school.

We emphasize on individual counseling, on personal development and on cross-cultural thinking, and prepare students to critically reflect on issues, to communicate effectively, to value teamwork and to appropriately use ICT to meet a company's ever changing organizational needs. We are convinced that fostering in students a desire for economic, social and environmental responsibilities, will reflect on their future development as leaders.

Career preparation and job placement

We support our students in planning their career paths by offering the possibility of meeting with business professionals interested in recruiting graduates. Our study programs are designed to meet the demands of a broad range of business professions. Students are also assisted with finding attractive internships and jobs with local companies as well as with multinational companies and organizations. In addition, we also review our students' CV's and provide useful tips for job interviews.

Working paperless in the Digital Age

Course materials are published in a digital format on the Online Student Portal. Students are advised to have a personal laptop available for the duration of their studies. The campuses are equipped with the latest wireless technology linked to a broadband internet connection. Upon registration, students are provided with a personal e-mail address and are authorized for access to the Online Student Portal. Books are available in our library for study purposes.

The Online Student Portal provides access not only to course materials but also to class schedules, available jobs and internships, information about events and student activities, course registration and enrolment, and various other relevant information. The Forum allows students to publish classifieds, engage in online discussions, share pictures and interesting links and stay in touch with fellow classmates or with students from other campus locations.


The one-minute animated introduction to UIBS
One-minute Introduction

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Student Interviews

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UIBS Graduation Ceremony in Barcelona, Spain
2017 Graduation Ceremony

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  • "The school had an incredible nurturing environment that I felt comfortable growing in. It was very challenging as well; I felt very open talking to my professors and fellow students about pushing myself forward academically and as a person." Scarlett, Bachelor Student

  • "I’ve been able to create long-lasting friendships with international people from all over the world. UIBS has given me all the professional skills and tools I needed to develop in my career." Elvitz, Master Student

  • "The school is so diverse; you have the possibility to travel the world and change campuses. During the global study trip, so many campuses came together, and even if you don’t know the students, you have something in common and everybody is just one big family." Philip, Bachelor Student

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