Research Clusters

The Graduate Institute’s area of specialisation is the study of today’s main global challenges, be they international and transnational, with a particular focus on the world outside of Europe. Our research falls into twelve main clusters, ten of which are thematic and two – gender and governance – transversal.


1cluster_conflict_COUL_129x87_2.jpg   Conflict, Dispute Settlement and Peacebuilding
Topics include, among others, war, violence and dispute resolution.
2cluster_culture_COUL_129x87_1.jpg   Culture, Identity and Religion
This cluster examines the governance of culture and multiculturalism, religion, nationalism, minority issues and political ideas.
11cluster_non_state_COUL_2_129x87.jpg   Democracy and Civil Society
This cluster explores the plurality of democratic experiences and aspirations, social mobilisation, transnational movements and civil society.
3cluster_development_COUL_129x87.jpg   Development Policies and Practices
This cluster includes research on development economics, cooperation and aid policies, socio-political change, inequality and poverty.
4cluster_enviroment_129x87_2.jpg   Environment and Natural Resources
A number of projects at the Institute focus on energy, resources, biodiversity, climate as well as environmental politics, security and protection.
5cluster_finance_COUL_2_129x87.jpg   Finance and Development
The Institute is well-known for its research in the areas of monetary policy, finance, banking, sovereign debt, capital movements and investment law.
6cluster_gender_COUL_2_129x87.jpg   Gender
Gender is here considered from a crosscutting perspective as, in addition to reproductive rights, postcolonial feminism and women’s labour, it is integrated in the study of international relations and development.
7cluster_globalhealth_COUL_129x87.jpg   Global Health
This research area covers health-related issues, especially health governance.
8cluster_governance_COUL_129x87_1.jpg   Governance
While governance is often considered from a normative perspective, it also allows for crosscutting or multilevel analyses on various aspects of international relations such as organisations, targeted sanctions, international law theory, and transnational and local governance, as well as on topics such as urbanism, health or the environment.
9cluster_humanrights_COUL_129x87.jpg   Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and Action
The Institute is at the forefront of research in human rights, humanitarian law and action, and post-disaster management.
10cluster_migration_COUL_129x87_1.jpg   Migration and Refugees
The Institute conducts advanced research and policy-relevant expertise on the multifaceted causes and consequences of global migration, with the aim of fully grasping the complexities of mobility in a globalised world.
12cluster_trade_COUL_129x87_1.jpg   Trade and Economic Integration
This area includes, among other topics, trade and the world trade system, regional monetary integration and supply chains.