Our donors

The Institute would like to thank the following donors for their support:

Real Estate

  • A Geneva private foundation for the realisation of the new student residence.
  • Kathryn W. Davis for the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Library in the “Maison de la paix”.
  • Hans Wilsdorf Foundation for financing the purchase of the land needed for the construction of the “Maison de la paix” and for granting it to the Institute as a freehold for a period of one hundred years.
  • Ernst Göhner Foundation for the “Maison de la paix”.
  • Edgar de Picciotto and his family for financing most of the Edgar and Danièle de Picciotto Student House.
  • Loterie Romande for its contribution to the Edgar and Danièle de Picciotto Student House and for the equipment of the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis library in the “Maison de la paix”.
  • Denis Mylonas for donating a property.
  • Pierre Mirabaud for donating the artwork Rüschegg I de Franz Gertsch, 1988-1999.
  • An anonymous gift for the artwork Long, Long, Long Live the 4 Modernisations de William Kentridge 2014


Chairs and Teaching

  • APESI for funding for four years the Curt Gasteyger Chair in International Security and Conflict Studies (Chair holder: Professor Thomas Biersteker)
  • Pierre du Bois Foundation for funding each year for a visiting professor focusing on Latin America
  • Gnosis Foundation for the support of the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy
  • André Hoffmann and the Hoffmann Foundation for funding the André Hoffmann Chair in Environmental Economics (Chair holder: Professor Timothy Swanson)
  • Yves Oltramare for funding for ten years the Yves Oltramare Chair “Religion and Politics in the Contemporary World”
  • Ivan Pictet and the Pictet Foundation for Development for funding for fifteen years three chairs on Finance and Development (Chair holders: professors Ugo Panizza, Yi Huang, and Lore Vandewalle)
  • Nicolas Pictet for funding the Pictet Chair in International Environmental Law, a position held for three years by Professor Jorge Viñuales
  • Segré Foundation for funding the Segré Foundation Distinguished Visiting Professor


  • A Swiss foundation, which wants to remain anonymous, for financing the Global South Scholars-in-Residence programme.
  • Mercuria for financing the “Think Ahead Programme on International Trade” by Professor Richard Baldwin.
  • Yves Mirabaud for funding for three years a research project by Professor Marc Flandreau.
  • Norges Bank for financing for one year a postdoctoral fellowship whose holder worked under the supervision of Professor Marc Flandreau.


  • Angerasa-Oeuvre St-Justin
  • Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland
  • Association of Private Banks in Geneva
  • Zdenek and Michaela Bakala Foundation
  • Bank Syz & Co
  • BeeOne Communications
  • Carigest SA, a generous patron’s adviser
  • Credit Suisse
  • Kathryn W. Davis
  • Françoise Demole
  • FERIS Foundation
  • Fondation de bienfaisance du groupe Pictet
  • Givaudan
  • Hans Wilsdorf Foundation
  • IBC Insurance
  • Pierre Keller for the dual Master programme with Harvard Kennedy School
  • Jean-Flavien Lalive d'Epinay
  • Yves Mirabaud
  • Mitteleuropa Stiftung
  • Damien Neven for the F. and M. Neven scholarship
  • Ousseimi Foundation
  • Pierre du Bois Foundation
  • Prunier Foundation
  • Michael et Shadia Schneider
  • Service de la solidarité internationale et Le Canton de Genève for the LL.M. programme in International Law
  • Jenö Staehelin
  • Swiss Advisor Insurance
  • Swiss National Bank
  • The Alumni Community
  • The Institute's Community (professors and lecturers, administrative staff, members of the Foundation Board)
  • The Knowledge Exchange Centre (KEC), XL Africa Group
  • The Miller Khoshkish Foundation
  • Tokyo Foundation
  • Washington DC Alumni Chapter


Academic Prizes