Financial Aid Application

The Graduate Institute aims to support students with demonstrated financial need by providing financial assistance, which may take the form of a full cost-of-living scholarship, a partial scholarship and/or a tuition fee reduction. The Institute's resources are not sufficient to meet the financial needs of all its students; therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to seek external financial support.

Doctoral students may apply for a remunerated teaching assistant or research assistant position, generally starting in their second year of study.

Financial need is not taken into account in the evaluation of a candidate's application for admission.

The Financial Aid Committee evaluates all financial aid requests of admitted students, and retains those whose financial need is well documented and demonstrated. In some cases, consideration may also be given to previous academic achievement.

If awarded, the amount of financial aid is calculated according to the applicant’s financial situation, as reported in the financial aid application. Applicants are encouraged to provide as much information as possible in order to give us a complete picture of their financial situation, as well as that of their parents and/or spouse.

The financial aid application should be submitted at the same time as the online application for the study programme, by completing the relevant section. Applicants are requested to provide:

  • A short motivation letter (one to two pages) justifying the request for financial aid, describing their personal financial situation and that of their family, and efforts undertaken to seek alternative funding.
  • The applicant's most recent tax certificate or tax declaration (Master and PhD applicants).
  • Master degree applicants: the most recent tax certificate or tax declaration of the applicant's parents and/or spouse, in addition to his/her own.
  • Doctoral candidates: the most recent tax certificate or tax declaration of the applicant's parents and/or spouse, in addition to his/her own, if the applicant is receiving financial support from parents/spouse. Applicants who do not receive such support need to document their financial independence.
  • Official attestations of all the income and assets available to the applicant, including from family members and other individuals, if applicable. These may include bank statements, employment contracts/salary slips, insurance annuities, investment certificates, loans, donations and any other sources of revenue.

Please note that incomplete financial aid applications will not be considered.

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